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Oct 29, 2012 12:00am EDT
the guy who shut down the guy tonight for san francisco. standing by with sergio romo. kenny, take it away. >> ken: sergio, get the final out of the world series. you are emotional right now. what's going through your mind? >> feel very blessed. beyond blessed. these guys let me taking along for the ride. beyond blessed, for sure. >> ken: the last inning, obviously you have cabrera to end it. you have a difficult tigers lineup. a team that played much better tonight. what are you thinking out there on the mound? >> got to get the job done. they have relied on me and they have had confidence in me all year long to just do what i can do, just be me on the mound. these guys let me be myself. they don't hold me back. they give me the confidence i need and they have the faith in me. unreal. couldn't let anybody down, especially anybody wearing orange and black. >> there were ten thousand people watching at the san francisco civic center outside. anything you want to say to them? >> world champs, baby, world champs! we aren't alone, you guys deserve it as well. >> ken: congratulations. >> yeah,
Oct 27, 2012 11:30pm EDT
pitching again here tonight. by san francisco. vogelsong, lincecum, romo. >> tim: it bears repeating, joe, the detroit tigers were shut out twice this year during the regular season. 162 games. they have been shut out two games in a row. both #-nothing losses in the world series. unbelievable. >> joe: in the national league you have to go back to the 1919 reds who did it to the white sox. the white sox scandal in the world series. back-to-back shutout. last time in world series play. 1966 orioles over the dodger dodgers. bruce bochy has to be elated with the job his club has done. they got a big swing of the bat tonight from gregor blanco. and they rode the right arms of vogelsong, lincecum and romo to a 3-nothing series lead. here is how it ended. as posey hung on. a foul tip, strike-out and romo got his second save of this world series. the giants celebrate their one win away. from their second world championship. in their last three years and their second since moving to san francisco. back in '58. go down to chris myers. >> chris: joe, i'm with ryan vogelsong. another huge pitching pe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2